78% in an independent poll said build Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill

(source: Saddleworth School Poll on Saddleworth News)

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Wardle Academy, Rochdale

It is the NORM that new schools are rebuilt on their existing site.

The new school building is built on their playing fields. Once they move into the new school building the old school is demolished and the playing fields reinstated on the old school building's site.

We have recently received a letter from a teaching professional who was amazed that Saddleworth School could not find a way to build the school on its present site. They had already gone through this process at Wardle Academy in Rochdale, with GREAT SUCCESS.

Their pupils have just moved into the new school at the beginning of this year and did not suffer academically during this time. In fact their most recent GCSE results were the best that they had achieved.

We truly believe that the same could be done, very successfully, on the Uppermill site for Saddleworth School.

Wardle Academy Headteacher's Newsletter - December 2013

"I would like to express my appreciation towards both the students and the staff for the way in which they have conducted themselves over the last 18 months since the bulldozers first arrived on site. Despite part of the school being demolished around us, temporary classrooms and a new school being constructed within 2 metres of us, it has been business as normal with some record GCSE results achieved by students on the way. We now move into the new school building on the 19th or 20th December. Phase 2 commences almost immediately with the demolition of the existing school, and the development of the sports facilities (to be completed by July 2014)."

Read full newsletter: Headteacher's Newsletter - December 2013

Wardle Academy New Build Video Blog

Wardle Academy has a school video blog and created some videos during the new school construction.

One of them shows a pupil, who was interested in becoming a journalist, interviewing the site manager from the construction company on the issues of building the new school on the existing site.

The site manager actually stated that when he had taken the teachers on site tours they had told him that there had been no disruption to lessons caused by the building work.

Watch this video blog for yourself. The interview is near the end.

You can also see all the new build video blogs and the headmaster's blogs on their website.

Read the letter we received:

I would ask you to have a quick look at Wardle Academy website on how they have VERY successfully managed building on the site with minimum disruption and know from personal experience whilst not ideal it CAN be done even in very close proximity we shared a drive and worked whilst pilling shook the building. It can be done locally, we even had workers on other side of the plywood in corridors. GOOD PLANNING. Good management good people.

I am sure Tony Shaw the Assistant Head at Wardle would be willing to share his experiences of managing the project from the schools point of view. Graham Wright Headteacher a cracking bloke to work for and who is rightly proud of the new school and other points of note.

Approx 40% of school was taken off us and lessons condensed to other areas. Temp classrooms installed for Science and Maths/Art/Science all demolished around us. My room was moved and adjacent to site, never stopped a thing. We did restrict movement ie changes to lunches for limited period ie split lunch sittings. PE hit hardest in my opinion but we all coped without a proper staff room offices shared etc it really is the will to do it. The value remark re Uppermill says it all for me. Money to be made for someone. All but the all weather pitch area lost to development for PE at Wardle. BUT the school after work will be excellent.

Pool refurbished. 4G pitch etc…..lovely rooms.

Although the PE facilities were affected, they used local off site facilities where necessary and any school sports matches were all played away.

We are lucky that we will also be able to retain the all weather pitch at Uppermill and we do have the Churchill Playing Fields nearby that could be utilised by the school.