78% in an independent poll said build Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill

(source: Saddleworth School Poll on Saddleworth News)

90% of those asked are signing our door to door petition

Over 3000 people have signed a door to door petition asking for the EFA and OMBC to build new Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill and it's growing

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Saddleworth School Planning Application 2017

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Both the Education Skills and Funding Agency (EFSA (previously the EFA)) and Oldham Council have failed to revisit their flawed site selection processes, which were highly criticised by Mr Justice Kerr at this year's Judicial Review.

With Oldham Council's total backing, the ESFA has just revised the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the existing four planning applications for Diggle and they are once again open for public consultation until Wednesday, 17th January 2018.

Please read the Save Diggle Action Group Winter 2017 Newsletter, which provides vital factual information, together with details of how to object to these revised planning applications.

The four planning applications can be found at:

If you previously objected online through Oldham Council's Planning Portal, their system WILL NOT ALLOW you to submit a further revised online objection. Under these circumstances, we advise that you send a letter of objection to these four planning applications directly to the Planning Department, via email or post, using the details found at the bottom of our Winter 2017 Newsletter.

If you have not already done so, please also read our Summer 2017 Newsletter.