78% in an independent poll said build Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill

(source: Saddleworth School Poll on Saddleworth News)

90% of those asked are signing our door to door petition

Over 3000 people have signed a door to door petition asking for the EFA and OMBC to build new Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill and it's growing

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The Proposals

The Uppermill Proposal

This is the proposal created by a local architect, at the request of the Save Diggle Action Group and supported by the Saddleworth Parish Council.

It is the norm to build new schools on their existing site and Wardle Academy in Rochdale has recently successfully done just that.

In fact OVER 80% of the Government school rebuild programme happens on existing school sites.

The EFA Proposal in Diggle

This is the proposal put forward by Oldham Council at the meeting organised by the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership on the 16th October 2013, called the "Control Option" from the Education Funding Agency.

There has been no further public discussion or consultation from Oldham Council or the Education Funding Agency concerning this proposal.

The Oldham Council Proposal in Diggle

Oldham Council approved, at Cabinet on 21st July 2014, proposing an alternative site option for consideration in the project to deliver the new Saddleworth School (although the EFA are currently considering this option, so it is nothing new).

The council has now approved an option to complete legal negotiations to purchase the rear of the site, if it is selected by the EFA.

On the 22nd July 2014, a surprise press statement was announced by Oldham Council that the "rear site" of the Dobcross Loom Works in Diggle was their preferred option.

This is remarkable since the Education Funding Agency has yet to announce their findings of their feasibility studies, which is evaluating all four site options available in terms of location, size, suitability and cost, (two on the existing Saddleworth School site in Uppermill and the two on the Dobcross Loom Works in Diggle), which isn't expected until late Autumn 2014.

And the EFA already told Oldham Council that they had rejected the "rear site" in Diggle back in August 2013.