78% in an independent poll said build Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill

(source: Saddleworth School Poll on Saddleworth News)

90% of those asked are signing our door to door petition

Over 3000 people have signed a door to door petition asking for the EFA and OMBC to build new Saddleworth School on the existing site in Uppermill and it's growing

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Diggle Community Association

"The conclusion reached by the executive committee is - Until the concerns we raise are addressed, we have no option but to oppose the Diggle proposal."

DCA Meeting of 10th April 2014

Chairman asked:
"Why the Parish Council did not support Cllr Mike Buckley in obtaining information from OMBC."

Cllr Alan Roughley responded:
"The Parish Council has no part to play and no power because Oldham Council is Labour controlled.

Chairman stated:
"The Parish Council does have a voice and represents the residents and voters of Saddleworth."
"It is the duty of the Parish Council to ask questions and apply 'checks and balances' to the situation and process. They have failed to do so and questions remain outstanding on how money is effectively spent, leaving the public in the dark."

Comment from the floor:
"There is comment amongst the existing staff at Saddleworth School that the 'situation and type of school' is creating 'staff unrest and low morale'. The PE department do not like the plan, the science department is concerned that the nine existing labs will be reduced to three and new ICT facilities are non-existent."

Comment from the floor:
"There is no 'political will' and that the issue has become divisive. Matthew Milburn is 'shocking', the Technical Committee is powerless and Saddleworth voters are not being represented by the Parish Council or the Technical Committee."

Cllr Rob Knotts commented:
"At the public meetings held in Uppermill last autumn, OMBC senior officials promised the public, a process of consultation on the Diggle School issue. This has not happened and there are no signs that it will. This 'right to consultation' should not be denied."

Minutes of DCA Meeting of 10th April 2014

DCA Meeting of 6th February 2014

Chairman: "concerned that Amanda Chadderton Cabinet Member is happy to join debate and respond on Social media/Twitter but is NOT prepared to answer questions or meet with the DCA"

"Concerns from members:
Lot of unanswered questions, Lack of information from OMBC to all interested parties, the Community, Technical group, Parish Councillors.
Decisions being made without necessary information.
One member stated that local councillors know no more than we do yet at the Parish Council meeting they voted to support the Diggle site."

Minutes of DCA Meeting of 6th Feb 2014

DCA Meeting of 13th December 2013

"The Chairman's concern is that impulsive decisions are made by OMBC whilst they are 'flying into the wind' of public opinion. These decisions are not fitting together and appear to be made in the heat of the moment."

Minutes of DCA Meeting of 13th Dec 2013
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DCA Chairman's Report for 2013

" ... after attending the planning meeting in Oldham I realised that, in my opinion, the relationship between OMBC and Saddleworth is seriously unstable. During their consideration of the Ward Lane proposal, one councillor asked, "What is the recommendation of the Parish Council?" Another replied, "They rejected it." The response in a public meeting with a full gallery was, "Well they always reject everything." This trivial response to our elected councillors was insulting and an indication, to me, that local democracy is breaking down."

"In relation to the school, the one sided debates continue. Incentives and threats are clearly the order of the day. Is this the democratic society our grandparents fought for? I don't accept that and as long as I'm a UK resident, I will demand my right to be heard and to be fairly treated and represented. Our councillors are elected to represent you and me and, in a democracy, the views of the majority."

2013 Chairman's Report

DCA Meeting of 14th November 2013

"The reasons not to build on the present site before were, too much disruption and also too expensive. With the plans suggested by John Barnes, Matthew said that he could manage and that it would not be too big a problem." - Cllr Brian Lord

Minutes of DCA Meeting of 14th Nov 2013